Monday, April 02, 2007

comprehensive exams....

Tomorrow at 9 AM my comprehensive exams begin! I'm actually really excited because I just want them to be over! I've been preparing and hopefully I'm ready. I have five questions total - four questions that are closed-book and written in house (at school) and then one take-home exam I'll be writing over Easter weekend.

After I submit my writtens, then I have my oral defense scheduled for April 23rd. After that, I'll hear if I passed or not. And if I do pass, then I'll just have my dissertation left before I get that PhD. Wow!

So, wish me luck! This one week is a big deal - a culmination of the past 4 years of my graduate career! I hope I represent myself well.

Times like this, I have to keep things in perspective and remember what's really important to me. The pictures below make me happy, so I'm posting them.

This one was from when we were in Florida. Sake is on the left and then Kito is on the right.

Jesse...he came outside in my fuzzy blue slippers and fell TWICE! This picture was after he fell into the snowbank. I couldn't help it - I just laughed and laughed!

And...the hibiscus plant I grew last summer. I was very proud of this plant. So, I cannot WAIT until the weather is consistently warm again and I can grow flowers and fresh basil and sit out on my back porch and watch the fireflies. I love that.


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