Sunday, April 08, 2007

So close...

I made it through my four timed in-house questions this week...and now it's Easter and I have this ONE more comps question to write before tomorrow and I am just OUT of energy. I'm sitting in the office, which is freezing cold, and I'm falling asleep while typing. It's really sad.

So, I'm trying to convince myself that this question doesn't have to be perfect. I just have to give it my best and let it go. Done is good, right? Just to complete it should be sufficient at this point.

I was talking to Brett yesterday and telling him how I had to sit in this room all by myself for hours and hours to write these questions and how it was such a weird experience. He said, "Well, it's almost like you're trying to become a monk and this is when they shave your head and give you the robes."

It's a good analogy, although I don't actually get my degree and get to wear the robes (literally) until I've gotten over the hurdle of writing my dissertation. Either way, I do feel "stripped" somehow. When I was writing as much as I could during those three hour chunks, it felt very raw. What other situations do people get to see your thinking in its most basic form - not having undergone editing and not having enough time to even re-think just have to go with your instinct and try to represent yourself well.

Anyway, I'm really just posting because I putting off this last question. Although it was torturous to be locked in a room and write and least I knew it'd be over at the end of those three hours. With this last question, I keep dragging it on and on...

More later! Happy Easter!


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