Saturday, September 23, 2006

The last few months...

Well, it's been a few months since I posted last! Quite a few things have happened. Here are some highlights in no particular order.

I taught two sections of a summer class to incoming freshmen. They were wide-eyed and very hesitant to call me by first name, even though I assured them it was okay. ("We weren't allowed to do that in high school!").

I learned how to walk 2 dogs on 2 leashes and not get tripped or tangled or flustered (although, I'm still working on the flustered part). Sake is getting longer and taller every day (she is the one on the right in the picture). The dog park finally opened, so we have been visiting that and getting to meet lots of interesting dogs and interesting owners.

My entire family (2 parents, 3 siblings) all come to stay with us -- making the grand total 7 people and 2 dogs in one apartment. We had a blast.

I learned how to drive a stick shift, because we bought a new (!) car -- a black, Nissan Versa.We love it. I have never owned a new car or even somewhat new car. This is SO exciting. I don't even care that we are in debt because of it. It even has four hubcaps and power windows which is much more than I can say for my '93 Honda Civic.

I drank many a margarita on the outside deck of a local mexican place. The combination of hot weather, cold drinks, salty chips, and good conversation was perfect.

I got addicted to a video game -- guitar hero. Don't even make fun of me, because as soon as you play it, you'll realize how amazing it is. I don't even usually like video games. But this one is totally different. Since we got it, I have converted many people into guitar heros themselves.

I went to the pool at total of one (1) time. I consider this pathetic. My lack of skin pigmentation also reflects this...although one day, I guess I'll be glad I have a few less wrinkles because of my lack of sun exposure.

Actually, it's okay I didn't go to the beach because my parents rented a house in Florida for a month in December and so we're headed down there (2 dogs and us in our new car!) for at least a week or two! By that point, I'll be so sick of the weather here, it'll feel great to see some sunshine!

We celebrated our one year anniversary in August -- that was pretty exciting! I can't believe how fast a year goes by. We're still together, so that says something! A lot of people say your first year of marriage is the hardest. I guess we'll have to go through a few more years to make that judgment!

I went to West Virginia (near Deep Creek Lake) with four of my closest girlfriends. We had a great time chatting and cooking and hanging out. I feel lucky to still be friends with people I've known since seventh grade!

Well, that brings us to the present I guess. The past few weeks have been filled with new classes (more stats classes!) and new students. I'm teaching a new class (small group communication). So far, I'm surviving. :) J. got a new job and he works from home, so we're getting adjusted to that new arrangement.

This update was much more fun since I figured out how to add pictures!