Monday, February 12, 2007

Procrastinating Perceiver

I'm not sure why I'm always drawn to write on here at completely random times. I could go weeks or months without thinking of my blog and then, when I have something pressing that needs to get done, suddenly it seems urgent that my blog is updated. I guess that's just part of being an ENFP.

Well, I got through last semester without any major breakdowns. I finished up that conference paper for ICA and it got accepted. Yay! That means I'm going to present the paper in San Fransisco in May.

After the semester ended, we were lucky enough to join my parents in Florida for two glorious weeks! We even drove both the dogs down in our new car and spent Christmas and New Year's there. The first week all my siblings were there too. I don't often get to spend time with them, so it was a real treat. I soaked up the sun, swam in the ocean, went for a long run by myself every morning on the beach. It was just what my soul needed. I really didn't want to leave.

I'm hoping we can do it again next Christmas. Even though it doesn't really feel like Christmas when it's 80 degrees and there's palm trees everywhere, it was okay. We had a little fiber optic tree. And as my mom points out, "Not every Christmas has to be the same."

Now, I'm still trying to settle into this semester. I'm teaching two different classes in a row this semester, which is new for me (a small group class and a public speaking class). Usually when I teach two sections, it is two of the same class. So preparing two different lectures takes more time. I'm taking a Hierarchical Linear Modeling stat class (which I'm actually excited about) and a measurement course. I'm also sitting in on a conflict course, which I'm hoping to teach one day.

This semester is going to be a BIG one though because I'm scheduled to take comps in April. And by scheduled, I mean it is ON the books. I have times and dates that I have to appear to take these exams. 16 hours worth of exams, to be exact, over the course of a week. It's going to be one hell of a week! After I write them, my committee reads them and then I have an oral defense. So hopefully by the end of the semester, I'll have passed comps and be only one step away from holding that doctorate. If all the rest of my plans fall into place, I'll graduate in May 2008. And I have to say, that now that it's 2007, 2008 does NOT seem as far away as it once did.

Sake is still up to her crazy antics. We got some new couches and she chewed up a red ink pen and then got her red paw prints all over the cushions. This was just a few days ago and so we're still trying to get the stains out! I tell my students lots of stories about my dogs. They probably think I'm one of those crazy pet people. But, my dogs make me I'm going to keep telling stories about them.

Anyway, the thing I'm supposed to be working on tonight is a construct explication for the measurement class. I'm explicating the construct of turbulence in relationships. It's due at 2:30 PM tomorrow. And I actually haven't started writing yet. Either I've become overconfident or I've just lost my mind. Here's to hoping I can get it done in time!